Hair Salon Services

Unparalleled Luxury for your Exquisite Style

Available at Oasis Day Spa Westchester Only

50 Livingstone Ave, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Westchester: 914.409.1900

Hair styling by: Cody Hepworth

Maximus Clark Salon believes that addressing the emotional and physical states of their client is equally important when creating style from the inside out.

About Cody Hepworth

Cody Hepworth, a truly unique and artistic stylist, has worked with numerous film, television, and music talents while traveling the United States. Although he calls New York his home base, his clients often call him to locations across the globe. Cody’s diverse experiences–with background in chemistry, nursing, carpentry and design–have melded into a singular artistic talent sought out by many. His strong eye for detail and design allows him to use the features of each individual as a blueprint to their personal style and create an individually tailored look, while his medical background has given him a deeper understanding of hair and scalp as an extension of the body which can reflect physical and emotional states. Along with Cody’s ability to listen and relate to his clients, these talents combine to give him the unique capacity to approach hair design holistically.