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Best Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue & Specialized Massage in NYC and Westchester

Exclusive Seasonal Spa Specials

Tummy Tamer Massage

Swimsuit season is upon us and this treatment will kick things off to a great start! Enjoy a luxurious 60 minute aromatherapy massage. We have 3 great scents to choose from-Lavender, Lemongrass and an Arnica infused oil with a light ginger citrus scent. To top things off, the massage ends with a gentle abdominal massage which aids in digestion, stimulates muscle tone and includes a complimentary application of Cinq Mondes’ Slimming Coffee Cream to combat the puckery appearance of cellulite at the abdomen when applied repeatedly over time.

***For best results we recommend the purchase of this product for continued applications post-massage.***

60 Minutes – $135

spring spa special

spring spa special

Solely Sublime Massage

Target all those chronic areas of tension and really work out all your stubborn knots with this sublime hour long deep tissue massage followed by 30 minutes focused solely on the feet! Sore, tired feet will first be smoothed and buffed with an application of Cinq Mondes’ Sublime Scrub, this is followed by a hot towel compress and a hot oil application held in place with heated booties before the nourishing oils are gently massaged in. After 90 minutes on the table you’ll have to agree that this treatment is Soley Sublime and your feet will be more than ready for Sandal Season!

90 Minutes – $185


Swedish Massage
Great for overall relaxation. Uses long effleurage strokes and gentle pressure to improve circulation and diminish stress. Perfect for “First Timers.”
60 Minutes – $130
90 Minutes – $170
Deep Tissue Massage
Ideal for targeting specific areas of tension, relieving chronic pain and increasing range of motion. Perfect for working out stubborn knots!
60 Minutes – $140
90 Minutes – $185


Sports Massage
For athletes and non-athletes alike! This massage integrates stretching techniques for lengthening tight muscles, increasing flexibility and range of motion.
60 Minutes with Swedish – $140
60 Minutes with Deep Tissue – $150
90 Minutes with Swedish – $185
90 Minutes with Deep Tissue – $200
Muscle Meltdown
Our Signature Massage! This massage incorporates moist heat packs, a pain relieving gel and cool marble stones for the ultimate in hot and cold therapy.
60 Minutes with Swedish – $140
60 Minutes with Deep Tissue – $150
90 Minutes with Swedish – $185
90 Minutes with Deep Tissue – $200
Aromatherapy Massage
Choose from our selection of specially blended oils to soothe the mind, body and spirit.
60 Minutes with Swedish – $140
60 Minutes with Deep Tissue – $150
90 Minutes with Swedish – $185
90 Minutes with Deep Tissue – $200

sports massage

Lava Stone Massage
Warm basalt stones and cool marble stones are combined in this luxurious treatment to achieve the ultimate in relaxation.
60 Minutes with Swedish – $160
60 Minutes with Deep Tissue – $170
90 Minutes with Swedish – $215
90 Minutes with Deep Tissue – $230
Side-by-Side Massage
Loosen up with a partner, friend, or relative and enjoy a massage in the same room at the same time.
60 Minutes with Swedish – $270
60 Minutes with Lava Stone – $330
90 Minutes with Swedish – $350
90 minutes with Lava Stone – $440
60 minutes with Deep Tissue, Muscle Meltdown,
or Aromatherapy – $290
90 minutes with Deep Tissue, Muscle Meltdown,
or Aromatherapy – $380
Clinical Massage
Uses a combination of advanced techniques to help chronic pain related to specific medical conditions and injuries.
30 Minutes – $85
60 Minutes – $140
90 Minutes – $185
Prenatal or
Postnatal Massage
A wonderful way to heal and ease the discomforts experienced during and after your pregnancy. Can be done face down on our prenatal table or side-lying. MUST BE PAST FIRST TRIMESTER.
30 Minutes – $85
60 Minutes – $140
Pressure point massage is used on the hands and/ or feet to balance energy throughout the body. Help to eliminate toxins, relax the body and stimulate the healthy function of internal organs. Available as an add-on to any massage!
30 Minutes (hands or feet) – $85
60 Minutes (hands & feet) – $140
Heavenly Hand & Foot
(Add-On Treatment)
Enhance any massage service with a moisturizing blend of shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba and Vitamin E! Product is applied warm to the hands and feet, which are then wrapped to insulate and keep snug and warm in soft mitts & booties.
Just Hands – $10 Additional
Just Feet – $10 Additional
Both – $20 Additional
Oasis Signature Scalp
A luxurious scalp massage and conditioning treatment for the hair using warm oils to calm and relax the body while nourishing and balancing dry/oily scalp and hair. A perfect service on its own or as an add-on to any one of our other treatments.
30 Minutes – $85
Lymphatic Detox
Our new acoustic drainage machine, the 20HzPro is a cutting-edge technology that uses soothing, rhythmic sound waves to move excess fluid towards the lymph nodes of your body to be filtered, processed and eliminated. Completely anti-inflammatory and detoxifying in its effect, this treatment is fantastic for people suffering with tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, TMJ, sciatica, edema of any kind, or just general fluid retention, bloating or swelling.
60 Minutes – $180
90 Minutes – $220
Rooftop Massage
(Westchester Only)
Enjoy a massage in the privacy of our cabana in our beautiful Rooftop Garden! Available seasonally, weather & temperature permitting.
60 Minutes Swedish (Individual) – $140
60 Minutes Swedish (Side-by-Side) – $280
Express Massage
A quick pick-me-up or if you’re just looking to target a specific area.
30 minute Swedish $80
30 minute Deep Tissue, Aroma or Sports $85

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