We thought we’d share some insights on lower back pain with our audience. It’s something we hear so much about in the treatment room, as well as in the news and online. People complaining of lower back pain, whether it’s due to a slip-and-fall, snow-shoveling, or other exertion causes.

lower back painOn February 13th, the American College of Physicians published new guidelines for treatment of back pain. The New York Times also discussed these new guidelines in a recent article, citing that the guidelines recommend “doctors should avoid prescribing opioid painkillers for relief of back pain and suggested that before patients try anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants, they should try alternative therapies like exercise, acupuncture, massage therapy or yoga.”

We have experience in helping to treat back-pain and exertion-related aches and pains, and we have seen the positive effects of massage therapy for our clients, without any of the risks associated with opioid painkillers. Physical activity and massage therapy each have many benefits in their own right, and when it comes to dealing with back pain and everyday aches, we want to encourage all of our friends to leave pharmacological remedies until after you’ve given more sustainable remedies their fair chance.