oasis staff spotlight: clara schemes

Oasis Staff Spotlight:

Meet our esthetician, Clara Schemes! Clara graduated from Christine Valmy International Esthetic School in 2003. She has a passion for transforming her clients’ skin with facials and IPL treatments. As a Brazil-native, she has known waxing long before she became an esthetician, and it is one of her favorite things to do. Clara is the Brazilian Waxing Queen of Oasis Day Spa!

Clara’s Westchester Schedule:

  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Saturdays

What does wellness mean to you?

I believe wellness is a combination of what you put in your body, how much sleep and exercise you get a day and of course, your daily skincare regime! Everything that you put in your body reflects in your skin so I encourage my clients not only to take care of their skin but themselves as well.

Why did you get into Skincare?

I got into skincare because I wanted a change for my life. I love interacting with people and making them happy. It is extremely satisfying seeing a clients skin transform under my care.

What is currently your favorite treatment at Oasis and why?

My favorite Oasis Treatments involve our IPL machine. IPL is Intense Pulse Light that can treat the face for wrinkles, fine lines, collagen activation, acne & acne scar removal. The IPL Hair Removal is phenomenal for full body hair removal and has excellent results.