How to Keep a Healthy Mind and Body at Home

How to Keep a Healthy Mind & Body at Home

by Laura Piteo

It’s hard being cooped up in the house. COVID-19 has us all anxious about what’s happening and about what’s to come. For those of you working from home your set up might not be as ergonomically friendly as your set up at work. We’re not in our usual routines and gyms are temporarily closing their doors. So what can we do to keep our bodies cared for? Here’s a few tips from the Oasis pros.

Find a new rhythm

Our daily routines may look a little different now but that doesn’t mean we should abandon all sense of structure to our day. There are some advantages to appreciate…perhaps not having to commute into work is allowing for a little extra sleep which is always nice and restorative. Be careful to not let that mess with your internal clock too much though. Still stick to a reasonable hour for going to bed at night and waking up in the morning. Perhaps that extra time could mean a healthy breakfast you normally wouldn’t have time to prepare or an opportunity to break out a yoga mat and do some stretches before logging on for the day.

Stay Active

There are some great online FREE resources for stretches, yoga and other various exercises that you can easily do from the comfort of your own home. Carve out some time each day for physical activity. If you’re working in front of a computer be sure to take breaks. Something as simple as taking a plush towel, rolling it up and allowing it to cushion and elevate your spine while you lie on the floor and let gravity pull your shoulders back and to the floor is a great way to counter stretch that hunched posture and recenter yourself.

Dial Down The Tension

It’s easy to get caught up in that anxious energy when the news broadcasts are so alarming. It’s good to stay informed but don’t forget to take a break from the news, turn on some relaxing music or check out George Ford’s “Fireplace For Your Home” on Netflix. Maybe when you decide you’re done being productive for the day draw yourself a nice warm bath or fix yourself some hot tea.

Fuel Your Body

It’s easy to snack and graze when your pantry is so accessible but make sure you’re fueling your body with nutritious foods and that you’re staying hydrated. If you fill up on junk you’re going to start feeling like junk. Think ahead so you have a plan for those midday munchies and have some healthy substitutions ready and waiting. Some cucumbers might offer you a satisfying crunch without all the saturated fats. Figure out what works for you.

Missing Your Massage Therapist?

With spas closed and makeshift at home set ups it’s easy to be missing your massage therapist right about now. Just because you can’t get on the massage table doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you can do for your muscles on your own though. Try a moist heat application to ease the tension in your neck and shoulders. Stretch regularly and get up and move around. Bust out those wellness products you’ve purchased and keep forgetting you have. Don’t have anything? Check out featured items on the Oasis website.

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