Oasis Staff Spotlight: Asako Nunose

Oasis Staff Spotlight:
Asako Nunose

Meet our skin care specialist, Asako Nunose! Asako has been working in the skincare industry for twenty years and is an international CIDESCO certified esthetician. Her latest accomplishment is a certification in Japanese Lifting Facial Reflexology. She has previously worked at a Japanese medical spa and has learned a wide range of medical esthetic treatments. She believes the best treatments combine a holistic approach with advanced technology.

What does wellness mean to you?

Having a good balance of healthy diet and exercise is very important for the body and skin. The skin is the mirror of your health as it shows all of your internal problems. The skin is directly connected to your internal organs. From an external prospective, a daily skincare routine is very important. Cleanse, tone, moisturize twice a day and exfoliate two to three times a week. If you make these steps a daily habit, it will change your skin texture and make your skin glow.

Why did you get into Esthetics?

I used to have acne when I was eighteen years old. I went to the dermatologist, I tried so many different products for acne, I tried everything. I also started to seek professional facials. Since then, I have been interested in skincare.

What is currently your favorite treatment at Oasis and why?

My favorite treatment is the anti-aging GM Collin Botinol, the Elemis Biotec Firmalift and Elemis Biotec Line Eraser. You can really see the results right after the treatments. As a relaxing treatment, I like 90 min Oasis Signature Facial.